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What’s New Under the Sunshine Act

December 15, 2014
Ruselle W. Robinson

CMS wants everyone to understand the recent changes to the continuing education reporting requirement, as well as the three other recent revisions to the Sunshine Act regulation.  I discussed these rule changes in my November 28, 2014 blog post.  Here is link to that post:  http://www.sunshineactpbl.com/cms-issues-final-amendments-sunshine-act-regulation/

Accordingly, CMS has posted on the Open Payment website, under Law and Policy, examples of how CMS will apply the four regulatory revisions.  The link to the Law and Policy webpage can be found here:  http://www.cms.gov/OpenPayments/About/Law-and-Policy.html

Other resources on the four rule changes include a CMS Fact Sheet.  Here is a link to the CMS webpage (scroll down to the last section on the Fact Sheet under the heading, Open Payments):


Finally, CMS has created a new Frequently Asked Questions webpage specifically for the four recent rule changes.  The heading for the webpage is Open Payments Subtopic:  Final Rule Changes.  Only three questions have been posted as of today.  You can access the Final Rule FAQ webpage here:  https://questions.cms.gov/faq.php?id=5005&rtopic=2017&rsubtopic=8240

As always, I will keep you up to date on Sunshine Act developments as they happen.


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