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New Registration Link for Upcoming CMS Q&A Session

February 12, 2016
Ruselle W. Robinson

CMS has posted a new registration link for those who wish to ask questions during the Sunshine Act/Open Payments informal question and answer session now scheduled for February 16, 2016.  The Q&A session will take place 2pm to 3pm (EST)

In order to ask questions, you must go online and register at least 15 minutes before the session begins.  The new link to register is:    https://cms-meetings.webex.com/mw0401lsp13/mywebex/default.do?service=7&main_url=%2Ftc0601lsp13%2Ftrainingcenter%2Fdefault.do%3Fsiteurl%3Dcms-meetings%26main_url%3D%252Ftc0601lsp13%252Fe.do%253FAT%253DMI%2526%2526Host%253DQUhTSwAAAAKhYD1wf38QRnj1BVEidlUG0WiiNcXE7xjOv0gBWi5_Ry6S-1hn4rtNT2iPPaInrWpnEv_PT9Jp4D3sGzykabq-0%2526UID%253D0%2526MTID%253Dtbf12ccdf3a2e101814bc3b1055c84338%2526siteurl%253Dcms-meetings%2526confID%253D3565548546%2526ticket%253D4832534b000000025b0cf5bf07a56963dfc6101bdaadcccfb811999b73ec3e30bd795ef86989688b&siteurl=cms-meetings

The meeting number for call-in listeners has changed as well.  Call 1-844-396-8222 and enter the new meeting number–643 430 757–when prompted.

The Q&A session will cover the reporting cycle for 2015 Sunshine Act/Open Payments data that began on February 1, 2016.



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