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CMS Releases 2015 Sunshine Act Data

August 25, 2016
Ruselle W. Robinson

CMS has released Sunshine Act/Open Payments data for the 2015 reporting year.  Now that we have two full years of reported data, we can see whether trends are developing.  Here are some highlights of the 2015 data summary released by CMS:

      • The total number of records reported, and the dollar value of those records, changed very little between 2014 and 201
      • The physician specialty reporting the highest average total payment per physician ($51,279) was nuclear medicine, an increase of $43,242 per physician within that specialty over 2014. Last year orthopedic surgery occupied the top spot
      • Within the Nature of Payment categories, total value of payments categorized as Honoraria or Gifts fell substantially, while the Charitable Contribution category more than doubled
      • 637,131 (2.26% of the total) of all financial transactions between pharmaceutical companies and physicians related to opioid medications.

CMS does not determine whether reported transactions are beneficial, or are evidence of conflicts of interest.  That task is left to interested members of the public.

You can read the full CMS summary of reported 2015 data here:  https://www.cms.gov/OpenPayments/Downloads/2015-List-Serv-email.pdf

I will keep you posted on Sunshine Act developments as they occur.



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