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Dental Device Manufacturers and the Sunshine Act

The Sunshine Act/Open Payments reporting rule for payments and transfers of value by applicable manufacturers appears to be straightforward:  applicable manufacturers of covered products must report payments and other transfers of value they make to physicians if those payments and/or transfers of value meet certain thresholds. Yet, many...

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CMS Releases Teaching Hospital List and Reporting Thresholds for 2016

CMS has released the list of teaching hospitals that applicable manufacturers must use for reporting 2016 payments and transfers of value.  CMS updates the teaching hospital list every year.  The 2016 list can be found here: https://www.cms.gov/OpenPayments/Downloads/2016-Reporting-Cycle-Teaching-Hospital-List-%5bSeptember-2015%5d.pdf In addition, CMS has published the inflation-adjusted reporting thresholds that applicable...

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