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CMS Issues Final Amendments to Sunshine Act Regulation

November 28, 20141 comment
Ruselle W. Robinson

CMS recently published in the Federal Register final amendments to the Sunshine Act regulation.  The proposed amendments first appeared in the July 11, 2014 Federal Register.  I wrote about the proposed amendments in my post of July 29, 2014, which you can find here: http://www.sunshineactpbl.com/whats-new-sunshine-act-regulatory/ The proposed amendments...

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CMS Outlines 2015 Sunshine Act Reporting Schedule

Douglas Brown, a Deputy Director of CMS, spoke this week at the Pharmaceutical Compliance Congress and Best Practice Forum  in Washington D.C.  As part of his presentation on the Sunshine Act,  Mr. Brown disclosed the 2015 schedule CMS will use for reporting of 2014 payment and physician...

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