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What’s New: Sunshine Act Regulatory Changes

In my post of July 7, 2014, I wrote about proposed amendments to the Sunshine Act regulations that subsequently appeared in the July 11, 2014 Federal Register. Today I am giving more detail about the four proposed modifications to the Sunshine Act regulations.  I will pay particular attention...

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Review, Dispute and Correction Process Begins July 14, 2014

The day finally has arrived. The Sunshine Act review, dispute and correction process (formerly known as the dispute resolution process) began on July 14, 2014 and will run through September 11, 2014, a total of 60 days. The review, dispute and correction process will be divided into two periods. ...

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CMS Announces Proposed Changes to Sunshine Act Regulations

Just days after the reporting period for 2013 payment and physician ownership data came to a close on June 30, 2014, CMS announced that it is proposing four changes to the Sunshine Act (also known as Open Payments) rule.  The most significant revision to the Sunshine Act...

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